A decent standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone coming to school in non-uniform clothing may expect to be withdrawn from attending the classes or the day.

If there is any valid reason for not wearing the full uniform, a note of explanation is expected from the parent/guardian is the almanac.

Regular Uniform

S.No.   Item                            Boys                                                    Girls

1.             Shirt                        Check collar shirt                                                 Check collar shirt
                                                with school logo(class Pre-Bsy to 2nd )             with school logo(class Pre-Nsy to 2nd )
                                                Cream colour shirt                                               Cream colour shirt(class 3rd to 10th )
                                                with school logo(class 3rd to 10th )                     with school logo(class 3rd to 10th )

2.             Shorts                     Class Pre-Nsy to 2nd                                                             ___
                                                Check Shorts                                                                       

3.             Trousers                 Class 3rd to 10th                                                                    ___
                                                Grey Trousers                                                                      

4.             Skirt                                        ____                                                       Check Skirt (Pre-Nsy to 10th )

5.             Shoes                     Black leather school shoes                                                Black leather school shoes                                               
                                                (lace type)                                                             (Buckle)

6.             Socks                     Red Socks with white stripes                                             -same-
                                                (Pre-Nsy to 2nd )
                                                Black Socks(3rd to 10th )

7.             Tie                          School prescribed                                                                                -same-

8.             Belt                         School prescribed                                                                                -same-

9.             Head gear             Proper/trimmed hair cut                                     Two plaits with red ribbons/two
                                                No fancy hair cut is allowed                              ponies with red rubber band or
                                                                                                                                Shoulder level hair cut with red
                                                                                                                                Hair band or red hair clips

10.          Winter wear          School prescribed Sweater                                                 -same-
                                                to be worn during winter

White Uniform

1.             Shirt                        House T-shirt(Pre-Nsy to 10th )                                          -same-

2.             Trousers                 White Trousers(3rd to 10th )                                                   ___

3.             Skirt                                        ____                                                       White skirt (Pre-Nsy to 10th )

4.         Shorts              White Shorts (Pre-Nsy to 2nd )                                 –

5.         Shoes               White Shoes (Lace type)                           White Shoes(Buckle)
                                    (Pre-Nsy to 10th )                                        (Pre-Nsy to 10th )

6.         Socks               White Socks                                                         -same-

7.         Tie                   School prescribed                                                -same-

8.         Belt                  School Prescribed                                                -same-

9.         Head gear        Proper/trimmed hair cut                                  Two plaits with white ribbons/two
                                    No fancy hair cut is allowed              ponies with white rubber band or
                                                                                              Shoulder level hair cut with white
                                                                                              Hair band or white hair clips

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