Lord Krishna International School
Opp. Railway Station Sultanpur Lodhi
CBSE Aff No. 1630898
Session 2016-17

Here are few things as references for the upcoming new academic session. Kindly note them to avoid inconvenience.

(i) Kindly go through the school behavior policy. It will be followed as defined. It is expected by the school, parents and students work in unison for understanding that belongs with the academics, life skills are equally important and these can be achieved by understanding the condition of mutual respect.
(ii) No abusive behavior (physical or verbal) is permitted in school or during bus journey.
(iii) Please ensure that you keep in touch with the teachers to know about your child’s growth. Kindly take prior appointments with the Coordinators and Principal. Orientation program are to be kindly attended by the parents to avoid the gaps in making learning joyous for the students.
(iv) No money is to be sent through students or drivers.
(v) School fee is to be deposited by or before 10th of every month.
(vi) For holidays, please refer to the school calendar.
(vii) Parent’s daily intimation is through school planner. Kindly read, sign regularly and send daily to school and fill in the pages of the pupil’s details column.
(viii) Any change of telephone number, residential address or route must be informed in the office or to the class teacher immediately.
(ix) Wearing gold ornaments is not allowed in school.
(x) If your ward is unwell, do not send her/him to school.
(xi) Tiffin is to be sent along with water bottle, Kindly do not send maggi, curried vegetables, curds and soft drinks. Ensure the food is nutritious.
(xii) To ensure the safety of students, No child is allowed to go from school to any other destination than home.
(xiii) In case the students availing bus transport are to be picke by the parents, prior information must be sent in writing before 10:00 am otherwise the child would be sent by the school bus. The signature of the class teacher or the office bearer is mandatory for the gate pass which must be submitted at the gate.
(xiv) Parents collecting and dropping the self students are to sign the leaving sheet and carry their parents ID card for verification. Kindly follow it for safety of the students and please do not argue with the incharge or the security guard about it.
(xv) Students going on short leaves also to get the short leave sanctioned by the class teacher and gate pass signed by the administrator.
(xvi) For girls, it is must to wear cycling shorts in summers and leggings in winters.
(xvii) No colorful caps are allowed in winters. Identity cards are to be worn each day.
(xviii) Uniform is to be worn every day. House uniform is to worn on Tuesday or Friday.
(xix) Girls with long hair have to make two plaits and boys to wear turbans or patkas.
(xx) On birthday’s, students can wear decent casual dress and please note only sweets are permitted and no other gifts or packs are allowed. Please adhere to it.

For further enquiries, Kindly contact the Head of the School.

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