Code Of Conduct

The compliance of the following instructions is compulsory and any failure to do so may necessitate disciplinary action without prior notice.
• All students are expected to conduct themselves as worthy citizens at all times and in all places.
• The school insists on strict punctuality, regularity, cleanliness in dress and personal hygiene, general grooming and fidelity towards study and assignments.
• The students are to follow the instructions of the teachers and school authorities.
• Running, playing, shouting or any other disturbances not allowed in the school during school hours. The students are to play in the playgrounds only.
• Any damage done to the school property, to its staff or any other student will have to be compensated for.
• As the medium of instruction in the school is English, the students are required to converse in English with the staff and each-other as often as possible.
• All students must pay due regard to the teachers in and outside the school, whether he/she teaches.
• None of the students is allowed to bring mobiles or C.D.s (other than educational) to school.
• If a child behaves otherwise and does not respond to repeated guidance and instructions, He/she may be punished as a disciplinary measure. Should punishment fall to rectify the child the school authorities require the parents to withdraw their child from the School.

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